Here are a few of the best squash shoes for wide feet: Asics Gel-Rocket 8. We want to hit the ball flat and hard, so the it travels downward and not upward. For example, by not respecting this rule, and serving forehand from the right service box, the squash ball will bounce further off the left side wall, giving the other player more opportunity to hit a good return of serve. I know I said "All Time" in the title and then the movie is labeled "Of The Decade" but for my money there's highlights in HD and then there's everything else. We are aiming to go as close to tin as possible, as this means a lower shot that is harder for your opponent to retrieve. As in a deceptive boast, open the racket face with the wrist at the last second. This shot can also be hit off a weak straight drive or crosscourt drive. As we mentioned at the start of this article, no one squash racket is ‘better’ than another. We are aiming just above the tin on the front wall, followed by the side wall nick. The three wall shot you describe is called a boast shot (from squash) and is not a very common racquetball shot. Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet is one of those squash rackets you will never tire of playing with. The only way for the other player to retrieve the shot is to read it, and know that you’re hitting it! You forced a weak shot into the middle of the squash court from your opponent. The goal is to get the ball cross-court and in the back corner. This is so the natural follow through of your swing causes a straight forehand drive. The first thing you should do is to try on the pair, so you notice how the weight feels. Straight kills are very similar to straight drives. A volley is hit before the ball touches the ground even once. © 2021 Barstool Sports. This is the most common shot in the game of squash. Racket ready position should be approximately 1 meter (~3 feet) in back of the desired contact point of the squash ball. First of all, did you know that the weight advertised on the racquets is not their weight as they come? Everyone knows I'm Bowling #1 recreational sport in 2020+. Carl 5/11/2020 12:49 PM. A boast is a fast way to wrong foot the other player, and get them lunging into the front corners. Contact point is in-line with the shoulders to assure the ball travels straight. Why? The time the squash ball spends floating through the air will let you get back to the T. Your opponent hits weak overhead volleys. Forehand Drive – The forehand drive is the most fundamental shot of squash and it’s a shot that after hitting the front wall the ball goes parallel to the side wall to a good length so that the ball dies on its second bounce near the back wall. This is probably the trickiest squash shot to play, and many older players use this off of weak serves. Volley Crosscourt Nick (Crosscourt Volley Kill), On both the forehand and backhand, stand with your shoulders parallel to the side wall. If an opponent hits a good shot, especially a drop or kill, sometimes all we can do is lunge and hit a hard crosscourt. The squash ball is clinging to the side wall, limiting our options. Increase the “openness” of the squash racket head to get more lift on the ball. Pros. Finish a rally. Quicken the pace of the match. Best Squash Ball For Training Drop Shots. Advertising InquiriesTerms of UsePrivacy PolicyContent Policy, AppAdvertising InquiriesTerms of UsePrivacy PolicyContent PolicyBest Sports Betting SiteSubscription Terms. It’s all or nothing, because if the ball doesn’t die in the nick, it will pop back out to the middle of the squash court. It involves hitting the ball parallel and close to the side wall, so that it travels to the back wall of the court, hence making it travel a good length. This will allow the squash ball to travel wide enough to get past your opponent. The different angles caused by crosscourt drives will cause a lot of side-to-side movement and lunging which can wear people down, especially the less fit. The backhand is usually the weaker side of any squash player, so people will most often try to exploit this. And before any of you guys say it - let me address up front. Weight is one of the things that contribute to how comfortable the shoes feel. Like you had the enchiladas platter for lunch and now the mole sauce is leaking through your pores. The Asics Gel-Rocket 8 is available in a varied selection of colors which is certain to help you stand out at the squash courts. In these situations, a drop shot isn’t an ideal choice, as the shot is slow and takes too long to reach the front wall, giving your opponent too much time to react. Drop shots add a whole other dimension to a squash match, forcing the players forward, and then back again to recover to the T. They are an extremely important shot to have in your arsenal in squash, especially for attacking and winning points outright.When to use: By cutting more under the ball with your squash racket during your drop shot swing, you can give it backspin, which will cause the ball dip downward immediately after it touches the front wall. We’ve done our best to list the best squash rackets in 2021 for every kind of squash player. Instead, aim so the squash ball hits the front wall, and fades to the side wall. This assures that right after you serve, you’re already dominating the T, Keep a rally going to the back of the court until your opponent hits a weak shot, Your opponent hits with the same hand as you and has a weak forehand, Your opponent hits with the opposite hand and has a weak backhand. Volley. Since we expect to hit a less-than-perfect shot from this, simply flick the ball upward as you would with a normal lob. It’s effective when your opponent is playing from … These are the shots you should spend good time practising until you can execute when the time is right during a match. A kill shot is perfect for these rallies in matches, The other player is tall. Only attempt this shot if the squash ball ends up in the front-middle of the squash court, at about waist level. This is to allow you to hit through the ball, instead of chopping down on it, Non-hitting arm should be extended outwards to get out of the way of your swing, Drop the racket head and hit through the ball, snapping the wrist out of the locked position for extra power and accuracy, Follow through to the front wall to assure your drive goes straight and down the side wall. Here we’ve compiled some of the best videos of squash shots from a variety of sources, along with our own personal tips and techniques to master these squash shots. Exposing this weakness can turn a squash match in your favor within a matter of minutes!Technique: VariationsSame as the Forehand Straight Drive, and can be extra effective if your opponent has a weak backhand ! So it’s important to use the right serve technique!Technique: For extra info, check out my full guide on the squash serve. It’s done when you find yourself out of position on court, with the ball slightly behind you along a side wall. To play a drop shot, you are looking to play the ball relatively gently aiming for just above of … For Casual Club Players. You’ll see a lot of the professional players like Ramy Ashour, Mohamed El Shorbagy, and Gregory Gaultier using this shot. As I was poking around looking at the new gear and equipment that came in for 2019, Malisa, the owner, suggested I take a couple of squash balls to test out. Or you got into the wine cabinet on a Sunday and now it's Monday and there's a conference call. Squash: Men's Shot Of The Year 2015 - The Contenders - YouTube This is more of a trick shot or exhibition shot than anything else, but it does have its place in certain situations. This is quite a vast range, so there is a considerable difference between the heavier racquets and the lighter racquets. This is very important. The proper crosscourt will have enough width and power to get past the other player, and will force them to dig the squash ball out of the back corners. Hit the ball upwards at full power, at a very slight angle to the side wall. Back court lobs are done from the middle or back of court. For anybody that has played the game for even a few months, you’ll know that having a strong arsenal of squash shots to play is important for staying in rallies and ultimately winning them. Varying up the power of your drives is a great way to cause discomfort to other players. As a result, the racquet should actually weight more than what’s marked on the racquet frame. This is especially effective if there has been a rhythm of several straight drives before dropping. Squash racquets have come a long way since the original combination of laminated wooden strips and natural gut strings. The goal is to float the squash ball high enough so it goes above your opponent’s racket, when held over their head (trying to volley your lob). Not a compromise for bowling in the least bit. Have the squash racket in the same ready position as a normal volley, but at the last second, you’ll open the racket face more using the wrist, guiding the ball into the side wall first. By having your racket in a ready position for a straight drive, then taking most of the power off as you strike the ball, you can hit a deceptive straight drop from the back court. It has a very similar technique to the crosscourt volley nick, as we’re aiming at almost the same area of the squash court. The Barstool Fund - In Support Of The 30 Day Fund, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Naploetana - Chestnut Hill. This is known as an attacking boast. Basically you want to aim the ball to land in the opposite corner floor-side … The drop shot is the most important attacking shot in squash. When looking at your squash shoes, it is much more important to consider things like weight, ankle support and foot width. This is a recovery shot that is done when the other player has hit a very tight straight drive or straight drop. For a right-handed squash player, serve with your forehand from the left service box, and your backhand from the right service box (left handers should do the opposite). The most common situation here is a right-handed player can exploit a left-handed player’s weak backhand with straight forehand drives, Limit the angles, especially if you’re against a player who plays with a lot of trick shots, flicks, or is good at volleys or volley drops, Tire out the other player by keeping them in the back of the court, Recover your stamina and endurance during a difficult rally, Chest parallel or at a slight angle to the side wall. Since the ball might be far away, it’s not possible to force it straight. You want the best squash racquet available for your game. Squash racket high above the head (higher than drives), shoulders turned, Wrist locked, and can snap during the forehand volley, but must stay locked during the backhand volley, Contact point of the ball on the squash racket head will depend on whether you’re hitting a straight volley or a crosscourt volley, Straight volley – contact point should be in-line with your shoulders on both the forehand and the backhand, Crosscourt volley – contact point should be slightly in front of your shoulders. It’s done by hitting the ball upwards with full power, contacting the front wall just next to the front wall / side wall nick. Forehand and Backhand Kill Shot. Most important is to give the ball an upward trajectory off the back wall, or else it won’t reach the front wall. Height of contact point with the ball should be slightly higher than the height of the tin. That’s because the strings are the ones that have direct contact with the ball. Shoulders turned so your chest is completely parallel to the backhand side wall of the squash court. Stay square to the side wall and let your arm and hand hit through the squash ball. Lighter racquets weighing 130g or less allow fo… The best shot is a straight shot. You might also hear it be called a “good length shot”, so don’t get confused as the two are often interchangeable. Black Knight Blue Dot Ball. Aside from the Drop Shot, a volley is your best opportunity to finish a point. You need to put a lot of spin on the ball. The trajectory of the ball should be wide enough so your opponent can’t reach it, and so it contacts the side wall just under the service line, dying in the opposite back corner. If this is not possible, then you can play a defensive boast. This shot can be hit from all areas of the squash court. This is the unstrung weight, often taken before the paint, grip, grommets, and string are added. The skid boast is an effective shot to get out of the deep backcourt corners. The racket is super light and … Exploit this weakness by throwing up lobs during the squash game, and also when serving, The other player is short. This is a risky shot that requires a lot of wrist action. It isn’t possible to put a shot down the line because this can lead to a stroke call. Having a good pair of squash shoes is really "skill-agnostic." This can make a drop shot even more lethal in squash, as it can travel quicker into the nick. Depending on the shot that your opponent played previously, you may have to lunge down very low to get your racket under the ball (for example if they’ve hit a low kill or a good drop shot). If a player hits a dying length into the back corners, whether from a straight drive, crosscourt drive, or a lob, a boast is a great way (and sometimes the only way) to dig the ball out. A straight drop shot will more often be the better choice, since the corner is closer and the other player will have less time to reach the ball. Usually used in a counter-drop situation, starting your squash racket low and coming over the ball quickly will give it a topspin. Since we’re not doing a full swing, the follow-through will be what determines the trajectory of the ball. It’s an extremely difficult shot to do well, and most often it will be intercepted with a volley. Also, … Get out of trouble in the back corners. The serve in squash is not as important as in tennis or racquetball, but still very importantly to execute properly. People forget that kind of "good" sweat is hard to come by the older you get. 2020 was one of the strangest years in recent memory, but when there was action on the PSA World Tour, the pros were still able to showcase their range of shots. Straight Drive. This will result in lower shots that can increase pressure on slower players. Arm extended back and away from the chest (ie don’t “hug” yourself or your body will get in the way of the swing). Using mostly your thumb and index finger for racket power and control, guide the ball into the front corners using the same technique as regular drop shots. You need to get very low to the ground, and be very stable on the foot that’s planted. Take a look at the best shots from the men's game over the last twelve months right here. Expect squash racquets to weight between 110g and 190g. Cause your opponent difficulty in the back corners. Why? By hitting good length, you give yourself the opportunity to get on the volley when your opponent hits a weak shot. This means that though you didn’t hit an outright winner, you’ve hit a solid straight volley drive that can still cause difficulty for the other player.Technique will be the same as a regular volley, but we are going for full power and follow through downward into the front corners. This increases the effectiveness of the drop shot by spinning it back towards the front wall, further from the reach of your opponent. This should not be a full swing but simply a quick flick. As long as they are tight to the side wall, you can easily force a loose shot and win the rally. Although it is probably best suited for advanced players, beginner and intermediate players will also love this racquet because of its light weight and even balance which goes a long way to correct some of the flaws in your playing style. The squash racket might scrape the side wall slightly, and the ball might spray off the side wall a bit, towards the middle of the court. The ultimate squash shot for creating angles on the court, the boast hits the side wall first, followed by the front wall, and moves your opponent forward quickly.When to use: A regular boast is relatively easy for an opponent to read, especially an advanced player or even an intermediate player. ​Squash is a game of hundreds of angles, difficult movements in all directions, and endurance. A straight drive or good length shot is when the ball has to be hit parallel and close to one of the side walls to travel deep back into the court. Shots in order: 1 – Mostafa Asal 2 – Karim Abdel Gawad 3 – Mohamed ElShorbagy Squash is a game of movement, and the foundation of your movement begins at your feet, and you want the best squash … If you miss the shot, the ball comes back out to the middle of the court, and your opponent can hit a simple straight drive winner, as you’ll be out of position, The extra time the ball spends in the air gives your opponent more time to react to the shot.